Windows.edb file is too big – How to fix

I have Windows7 in my C: drive, and it is a small SDD 128GB disk, so every GB counts. I was running out of space and I started to investigate the folders using Folder Size app from

I found that the Windows.edb file was taking over 3 GB of my space. This file was located in this folder “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows”


Here’s how you can both reduce the size, and select a different folder for the file.

  1. Go to the “Change how Windows searches” option of the Control Panel


2. You will see the “Indexing Options” menu. Click on the “Advanced” button.


3. Here is where you can first use the “Select new” button to find a new folder for the Windows.edb file (choose a folder in a bigger drive) and then use the “Rebuild” button to purge the old file and start a fresh one.


The Indexing Options will look unresponsive for a couple of minutes, but then it will go back to normal and you will see that the .edb file has been removed from the old folder and now a new (and much smaller) version of the file is present in the new folder.