How to fix a DVD drive’s tray that doesn’t open or eject

This video shows how to fix the tray of a CD or DVD drive when it does not eject after pressing the eject button.

Most of the times this problem is caused by a dried rubber band in the eject mechanism.

The solution is simple: Open the drive, replace the rubber band, and that’s it. Watch the video for details.


If none of this worked you may consider buying a new DVD drive. Here’s a link to a reliable online store:



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  1. Hello,

    I like your videos, I have a problem with the aspire one d250, when you power on, a white display appears not the black screen then it stays for 5 seconds and the unit shuts down, i tried to restore the bios using the fn+esc but no success, then I opened the unit only to discover a chip 7408 ba915x is fried, I replaced this chip but still getting the same display, Am I doing something worong?

    Please Help.

    Hillary Mkabana

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