How to calibrate the battery of the Acer Aspire One to avoid the black screen problem

This video shows how to manually calibrate the battery of the Acer Aspire One in an attemp to avoid critical battery failures that may trigger the “Black Screen of Death” problem.


Before you do anything consider this:

  •  If you believe your battery still has enough juice (lives for more than 1 hour), try to calibrate it using this tutorial.
  • However if the battery is too old and calibration doesn’t work you should get a new one. This link takes you to a reliable seller:


Step 1:

  • Charge the battery completely.

Step 2:

  • Deactivate all hibernation and alarms. Set the power scheme to “always on”. Let the battery discharge completely.

Step 3:

  • Charge the battery again.

(Username WBarts offered a little tip:
“You should Remove the battery from the cpu once drained and reinstall. Then Charge it up to full.”
I don’t know it fhis is necessary, but it deffinetly won’t hurt.)

This procedure can be repeated up to 3 times for a more thorough calibration. This process will not harm your battery.




4 thoughts on “How to calibrate the battery of the Acer Aspire One to avoid the black screen problem

  1. Hi Guru, my acer laptop, 4540G has a display problem. it boots completely but does not display. I have already downloaded the bios file, please I want you to help me with the step by step procedure. Thanks.

  2. I’m having the black screen problem as you stated up top but I can’t see anything on my acer aspire 5517 to calibrate so what should I do

  3. Hello Sir. my name is zed i am having acer aspire 5738z laptop .sir when i power on the laptop my screen on startup blink for a while . it also show acer logo and F2 Boot options and it start up and work fine so i want to know that can this problem be solve i am using know windows xp sp2 first i have windows vista but i have format for some region so pls can you help me to solve this problem thank i will be waiting for you reply.

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