Starcraft 2 (Beta) running on a HP Mini netbook

Starcraft 2 quick review on a low end system:

HP mini, netbook specs:
1.6 Ghz Atom processor
1 GB Ram
Intel 945 Express graphic adapter
10 inches 1024×576 resolution screen

Click Here to see a full report with the details of the system.

This is way under the minimum requirements, but still launches the game.

The game runs on a 640×480 resolution and with all settings down to minimum.
The average FPS seems to be around 3 and 5. But in the event of having multiple units on screen (like a battle) it looks like FPS could drop down to 1 FPS or less.
Not playable.
Attempting to run the game on this kind of hardware is NOT recommended. The gaming experience cannot be enjoyed.

Starcraft’s official site:


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  1. Hi,

    do you think an HP mini 110 with 2 GB Ram would run the game (Starcraft 2)
    more fluent? Or is the processor simply to slow?


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